Adult hair loss

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Your hairline might gradually recede at the temples, and the hair at the back of your head can get thinner. Sometimes, you lose hair over the entire crown of your head, leaving a horseshoe pattern of hair around the back and sides of your head. Testosterone acts on different organs in the body, including the hair follicles and cells in the prostate.

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Everyone loses hair. It is normal to lose about hairs every day. If you see bald patches or lots of thinning, you may be experiencing hair loss.

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Telogen effluvium TE is the most common cause of diffuse hair loss in adult females. Abrupt, rapid, generalized shedding of normal club hairs, months after a triggering event like parturition, high fever, major surgery, etc. Excessive, alarming diffuse shedding coming from a normal looking head with plenty of hairs and without an obvious cause is the hallmark of CTE, which is a distinct entity different from TE and FPHL. Apart from complete blood count and routine urine examination, levels of serum ferritin and T3, T4, and TSH should be checked in all cases of diffuse hair loss without a discernable cause, as iron deficiency and thyroid hormone disorders are the two common conditions often associated with diffuse hair loss, and most of the time, there are no apparent clinical features to suggest them.

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There are numerous reasons why women might experience hair loss. Anything from medical conditions to hormonal changes to stress may be the culprit. Hair loss may present in different ways depending on the cause.

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About one-third of women experience hair loss alopecia at some time in their lives; among postmenopausal women, as many as two-thirds suffer hair thinning or bald spots. Hair loss in women often has a greater impact than hair loss does on men w, because it's less socially acceptable for them. Alopecia can severely affect a woman's emotional well-being and quality of life.

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The normal cycle of hair growth lasts for 2 to 3 years. Each hair grows approximately 1 centimeter per month during this phase. After 3 to 4 months, the resting hair falls out and new hair starts to grow in its place.

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Back to Hair loss. Losing your crowning glory can be particularly difficult for women. But there are ways to cope.

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The real or perceived symptom of increased hair loss can be psychologically devastating for female patients. This article is intended as a brief review of the most common causes of adult female alopecia and a thorough introduction to the evaluation of this complaint in the primary-care setting. Bear in mind that many women who experience hair loss will still require referral to a dermatology practice.

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Hair loss in women is just that—when a woman experiences unexpected heavy loss of hair. Generally, people shed from 50 to single hairs per day. Hair shedding is part of a natural balance—some hairs fall out while others grow in.


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