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Whipped creamchocolate sauceand ice cream toppings can be poured on and licked off, but sexy foods are not all about what's the easiest to ingest off one another's bodies. Food can also be about setting a mood, about letting down your guard and getting silly. Because sex is more fun when you let loose and food can help us get there.

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Better yet? Non-carnivores, too, have plenty of ways they can mix two of life's greatest pleasures—food and sex—in the bedroom. We've shared some of our faves below, but first, let's go over the ground rules:.

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Food and sex are two of our most primal indulgences, so why not combine them? There are plenty of reasons, actually, but bringing a few edibles in between the sheets can also work wonders for your sex life. Wondering which foods are best able to unlock the carnal passion necessary for an extra-special round of lovemaking?

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Food and sexuality have been associated in various ways throughout history. Foods such as chocolate and oysters are said to be aphrodisiacs. Food items are also used metaphorically in slang sexual terminology and poetry.

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I focused on watching the TV. Suddenly, he started eating me out, and while I was still chowing down on a sandwich — fully loaded with cheese, tomato, turkey breast. I felt like Scooby-Doo.

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Food is a many splendoured thing. All you need is food. However, before you go skipping off with a tub of yogourt and sexy intentions, flick an eye over the food-in-bed basics, lest you end up with more than egg on your face.

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And since food brings your taste buds so much pleasure, it makes sense to wonder whether it might amp up things for your vaginatoo. The thing is, you can incorporate food during sex as long as you follow one key rule. But if you do get food and drink on your mucous membranes, some kinds are more dangerous than others.

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Food and sex are, and rightfully so, the two best things on this planet. So why should they be kept separate? Some things are so fucking fabulous solely that they need not be coupled together. So bacon vodka may have been a rare occurrence where standing alone is probably for the best, but in the case of the wonderful sex and delicious treats, lump those babies into one!

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Remember when you used to play with your food as a kid and it would end up all over the floor? Ah, those were the days. The first step to a good romping session with food is to let go of any fears you have about the bedding getting dirty.

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When it comes to sex, there's something for everyone. Though you might not get to all the possibilities that sex holds in your lifetime, it's fun and educational to learn about them, isn't it? There are some acts you might not think are possible not everyone is that flexible, and that's okayand others that you don't think people really partake in.


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