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I was sixteen, he was a postman and used to unorthodox hours. Jutting out from this corridor and into the loch was a small peninsula, out along which we carried ourselves, our tents and Morrissons carrier bags, laden with what seemed like the last vestiges of fluorescent-lit civilisation. As a consequence of the crowded skatepark we left with plenty of time to get west to Glasgow, then north along Loch Lomond where the road, railway and not much else squeezed into the space between hill and shore. A kind of paranoia that perhaps, unchecked, leads to a brief period of feral existence punctuated by the gunning-down of those who you feel are interfering with your right to do whatever-the fuck-you-want. Which well described our trip with BMX in place of killing anyway—the only shotgunning was of the front seat. We gathered driftwood from the beach that looked out onto the rest of the loch.

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We gathered branches from the trees which had failed to cling to its steep sides.

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By the last light we made a right down another road, narrower, unmarked; its verges bristling at the wheelarches. People talked about it more than they asked him about it. It was our giving in to the mania of the UK road trip. The swoop of full-beams confined to the distance.

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