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The Youmin kingdom did not come, so Jie attacked and conquered it. During Jie's reign, Shang grew in power, initially at the expense of Xia's other vassals. Rubbing of a relief from a Wu family shrine , Jiaxiang , Shandong. Kunwu was quickly defeated. Vegetables had to come from the northwest, fish had to be from the East Sea , seasonings and sauces had to come from ginger that grew in the south, sea salt had to come from the north. The people working for him who could not supply this drink were killed. There, he found two of the King of Minshan's daughters, Wan and Yan.

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In one speech Tang of Shang said that creating chaos is not something he wanted, but given the terror of Jie, he has to follow the mandate of heaven and use this opportunity to overthrow Xia.

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Some scientists correlate this event with a volcanic winter , possibly due to the Minoan eruption of Thera circa BC. Main article: Battle of Mingtiao. He is traditionally regarded as a tyrant and oppressor who brought about the collapse of a dynasty.

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