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meth and masterbation
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Our son Jamie was about three years old when a routine medical exam revealed that Grace had a long-standing, undiscovered STD. After all, drugs and alcohol are disinhibiting. Like all stimulants, meth use evokes profound feelings of euphoria, intensity, and power in the user, along with the drive to obsessively do whatever activity that person wishes to engage in, including having sex. When tweaking, meth addicts generally exhibit poor judgment and engage in dangerous, hyperactive behavior. Sex addicts also use cocaine, crack cocaine, and almost any other stimulant—but crystal meth is usually cheaper and more readily available. Relationships disintegrate, jobs are lost. Considerable anecdotal evidence suggests that for a majority of sex addicts with a co-occurring addiction the secondary drug of choice is crystal methamphetamine.

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meth and masterbation

Cross and Co-Occurring Addictions Individuals who are cross-addicted are people who switch from one addiction to another—for instance, Suzanne stops drinking alcohol, then gains 40 pounds in three months, replacing booze with compulsive eating.

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Crystal meth is undoubtedly among the most troublesome illicit drugs currently en vogue , and for sex addicts the dangers extend beyond the usual problems associated with crystal meth abuse. I left there chemically sober, but without a clue about handling all the sexual problems and related secrets that I continued to keep. Rob, visit SeekingIntegrity.

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