Peridot and amethyst steven universe

peridot and amethyst steven universe
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Peridot later tells her she "is way better than Jasper". Peridot believes that Yellow Diamond has made her "public enemy number one", so she and the Crystal Gems assume that the Rubies in "Hit the Diamond" are after her. Peridot used to feel that a practical and systematic approach is the correct way to do things and has had trouble reconciling this with the Crystal Gems, who make decisions based on their feelings, particularly when they chose to relax despite the imminent danger in "It Could've Been Great". Once on Earth, however, Jasper realizes Steven possesses Rose's gemstone and immediately prioritizes returning to Homeworld over Peridot's mission which she dismisses as trivial, leaving Peridot feeling disgruntled. When Yellow joined Blue in the attack, Peridot without hesitation went to taunt her, not fearing the by far more dangerous Gem. She admits to having some lingering feelings over Homeworld in " Gem Drill ". Garnet's relationship with Peridot improved after Peridot joined the Crystal Gems; Garnet calms her down after she throws away her tape recorder, and Garnet gets Steven to return it to Peridot.

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This leads to Yellow immediately poofing her.

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Amethyst - Garnet Steven Universe Amethyst Crystal Peridot

Peridot initially held a large amount of hostility towards Garnet, calling her a "filthy war machine" in "Catch and Release", due to hetero-Gem fusions being taboo on Homeworld. In " Back to the Moon " when Amethyst asks if they want to "play prisoner", she clings to Lapis' arm and shoots Amethyst a look as Lapis refuses. When Steven decided to try reasoning with Blue Diamond about his identity, Peridot did not seem surprised by this development, meaning she may have learned about it off-screen. She continued to keep her log, despite the task being a moot point, more or less for a sense of normalcy.

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