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Scott Peters is straight, married and has kids, and probably now regrets doing the Pete Kuzak modeling because of the amount of stalkers he has following him and publishing his work and personal contact information. He did a photoset and whatever his motivations, it doesn't mean you can invade his privacy. He doesn't want any personal contacts from people, which I can appreciate. I have had fantisies about him since my early twenties. But Ihave never known about him since 4 years Let's ask Colt to bring his pics back. Um, I definitely have a stump that needs pruning.

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Karina. Age: 24.
pete kuzak videos

But Ihave never known about him since 4 years

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Kaitlyn. Age: 24.
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I've got all of his Colt calendars. He will always be totally hot, but it would be nice to see him now. Just the sheer perfection of his body makes me weak at the knees.

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