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When did you begin filmmaking? Most of it is well-meant bullshit. He continues to be a good friend, fan and supporter to this day. With all of our package materials well prepared, we were able to partner with a production company which has granted us access to resources me might not have had on our own. I thought about all of those things quite a bit until one day I imagined an old man who regretted never accomplishing the things he had wanted to do. I started making films at the age of 11, making a stop-motion clay animated film on a subject I know nothing about; world politics. He most recently hit the big time with the score for Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation, which is currently in theaters and the 1 movie in America.

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Chrissy: Louis wrote a feature film script, Old Man in France , and we thought that since the beginning of a script should really pull the reader into the story, we would animate the first ten pages into a short film to communicate the wit and charm of Old Man in France.

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HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series. She starred in all my early works when I worked in the medium of Super-8 film. I correctly predicted that out of any of the rest of us, he would hit the big time. While we believe having a protocol and a structured way of making movies together is essential, the biggest and best thing we can do for our fellow filmmakers is encourage them.

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