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He told her that despite her personality change, she was still Beel's mother. Hilda then proceeds to explain about the King's Crest again, adding that without it, Kanzaki and Aoi would have little chance against the other "Killer Six Elements". However, Hilda later returns the tissues to Furuichi , telling him that she only persuaded him to give them up so that he would. Jabberwock laughs at her and calls her stupid, which angers Oga. When Oga tells her that it wasn't only him but Baby Beel was worried about her, she replies that her master doesn't care for her; rather, he is only affected by Oga's anger. The barely awake Hilda caresses Beel's cheeks and tells him how glad she is that her Master is safe before completely losing consciousness. One occasion being right after she wakes up, where she was wearing a modest pink nightgown with her hair down.

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Thinking that Beel was Hilda's son that she abandoned to Oga, Aoi violently rushed against the Demon Maidservant, but she was easily outmatched.

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Hildegard / Hilda (Beelzebub)

From the experience, she concludes that the person is responsible for Nasu's immense power and speculates that there is another party involved. Hilda still seems to care about Yolda, enough so to save her from prison before she overworks herself to death, claiming she doesn't need a reason to save her sister. He told her that despite her personality change, she was still Beel's mother. She demonstrated the ability to cut through stone with her sword, seen during her first meeting with Oga and Furuichi.

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