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However, Nate and Sully call on Elena for help in Yemen, and at the end of Uncharted 3 , Nate finally commits to Elena by wearing his wedding ring, and they enter a relationship once again. Just as the brothers get the upper hand, Rafe and other mercenaries arrive. Nate is attacked by Sully, also brainwashed, and the two tumble into an underground river where they fight. Nate leaves Francis' ring with his corpse and tells Elena that it's time to leave the island. As the trio attempt to take the Seal and journal back, the Ludlows take Chloe hostage and force Nate to fly them to Agartha, knowing that the coordinates Nate originally gave them were wrong.

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They discover that the Eye of Indra is in fact hidden within the other two treasures, which are locked inside Pinkerton's safe.

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They are interrupted again by an attack by the hooded men, who kidnap Ian and drive the others back to the altar chamber, where Tyr Henriksen, Olivia and security guards await them. From the warehouse, they follow underground tunnels to a secret library, where they find the journal of T. They also concluded that the most likely place the founders took the treasure is to a place called New Devon, the residence of the founders, in the northern part of the island. Despondent, Nate sits in silence as Talbot informs Marlowe that they have apprehended Sully.

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