Braces for adults with dental implants

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For people who have dental implants but still need some orthodontic treatment, one of the natural concerns is whether implants are compatible with braces. The answer is both yes and no, depending on your situation. Dental implants are designed to replace teeth that have been lost due to injury or decay.

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This article describes the complex dental treatment of an adult patient with multiple missing teeth, mild periodontitis, and a malocclusion. Titanium implants were placed in the posterior mandibular edentulous segments and became osseointegrated. The placement of the mandibular implants was originally designed for orthodontic anchorage.

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We're proud to treat children and adults alike, and we've helped countless professionals achieve a new smile. But if you're like many adults considering straightening their teeth, you may have one major question: can I get braces if I have a dental implant? Dental implants are one of the most effective tooth replacement treatments on the market, and many adults enjoy a complete smile thanks to dental implants.

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Sometimes, you need orthodontic treatment with a missing tooth. In fact, there are many situations when orthodontic treatment is recommended for patients with missing teeth. Children who have malocclusions that can affect their jaw growth or the eruption of their adult teeth often have orthodontic treatment at a young age.

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Share the post "Can you wear braces if you have a dental implant? Braces are suitable for all ages, and they can transform anything from mild crowding to complex bite problems and severely crooked teeth. One question that comes up every now and then, though, is whether braces are compatible with dental implants.

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Why does my treatment involve mini-implants? Mini-implants were introduced at the start of the 21 st century as a new means of precisely controlling tooth movements during some orthodontic treatments. They are used by orthodontists across the world to correct bite problems which would otherwise require jaw orthognathic surgery.

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If you are a dental implant recipient, it is possible that you may need to receive some type of orthodontic treatment to optimize the placement and esthetics of your new dental implant. Patients often ask Dr. Lee whether or not it is necessary to place braces for placement of new or existing dental implants and the answer is both yes and no.

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Now you want to fill that empty gap in your smile with a dental implant restoration. This is because the teeth on either side of the space may have gradually drifted into it, leaving no room for the implant. You could need orthodontic work first to return these teeth to their proper position. We could use braces, metal orthodontic devices with wires threaded through brackets bonded to the teeth that are then anchored, usually to back teeth.

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Because braces for adults are becoming increasingly popular, many orthodontic patients have already had — or would like to have — other dental treatments. Some adults wonder if braces are compatible with the crowns, dental implants and fillings they have gotten over the years or may still want. If you already have crowns from previous dental treatment, but you have now decided that you want your teeth straightened, you can still have braces.

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A "placeholder" provisional dental implant designed for easy insertion and easy removal at will. The TADplant preserves crestal bone and implant sites until the adult patient can afford or younger patient has matured to have a standard dental implant placed. TADplants will not injure implant receptor sites. TADplant Surgical Workflow: A simple two step protocol using a surgical guide is demonstrated in the video below.